Misfortune Cookie

"I am Misfortune's Fool"

– Shakespeare’s Younger Brother

About Misfortune Cookie

If you’ve lost your job recently, your dog died, your significant other ran away with your best friend — whatever, then Misfortune Cookies can help. 

If you’ve been living a Country song recently, why not pick up some Misfortune cookies to brighten your day!

We serve high-quality, locally-sourced, artisan fortune cookies dowsed in decadent chocolate, designed to make you laugh. Every joke is carefully crafted by a professional comedian who just wants to make people smile. 

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Misfortune Cookie

"Looooved your cookies! Coworkers and neighbours all got a good laugh....and they were edible!! ...and I still feel pretty healthy!! ..and now I know the devastating effects charades will have on my life, thanks to these lovely cookies! Money well spent!! Thank you!! I’ll be back for more..".

- Keri Brown -

Misfortune Cookie


Why Cry When You Can Laugh?

Misfortune Cookies is the brainchild of Dave Kopp a Kelowna professional comedian and the founder of Kelowna Comedy. For a funny business, Dave takes his comedy very seriously. Your misfortune cookie is sure to put a smile on your face! 


We Encourage You To Eat All Your Sorrows Away

When Dave was forced to shut down his comedy shows, he knew he had to find a different way to make people laugh. Thus, Misfortune Cookies was born! It’s a fun, entertaining – not to mention tasty – way to bring a little of brevity into your life!


Our Purpose

Who says life needs a purpose? Not us. We aren’t looking to move mountains, build a rocket ship to Mars, or find a vaccine for COVID here. We just want to give you a tasty, artisan treat that will make you laugh. Each cookie is hand-crafted with the sweat and blood of those who can’t find work anywhere else.