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“Hilarious and tasty!”

– Gwen

About Misfortune Cookie

Misfortune Cookies are a fun way to roast your friend.  Our vanilla cookies are dipped in chocolate and stuffed with a hilarious misfortune based on the theme of your choice.  Every fortune is a joke, jab, or roast of your chosen theme.   We have over 100 five star google reviews.  Everyone loves them, so relax.  They are fun.

Our fortune writer has been a professional comedian for several years, even running his own comedy club. Now he spends his nights writing misfortunes and his days dipping cookies. You’ll love his clever misfortunes.

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Misfortune Cookie

"Looooved your cookies! Coworkers and neighbours all got a good laugh....and they were edible!! ...and I still feel pretty healthy!! ..and now I know the devastating effects charades will have on my life, thanks to these lovely cookies! Money well spent!! Thank you!! I’ll be back for more..".

- Keri Brown -

What exactly are Misfortune Cookies?

20 targeted jokes specific to your chosen theme tucked inside chocolate dipped fortune cookies.   

Read that again.  Some people don’t get it the first time.  Each pack has 20 cookies with 20 original misfortunes specific your theme.

 Check out the “Would You Rather…” and “Outlaw” games.

We even have a special “Kelowna VS The Zombies” role playing game that is a big hit.

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Misfortune Cookie


Are they funny?

Yes, they are funny! Comedy is subjective, so we can’t guarentee you’ll adore every joke, but we have been doing this for a while and people universally like the cookies. We even have over one hundred five star google reviews to prove it. 


Will people get offended?

We doubt it.  We try to be way more funny than we are offensive and constantly update our jokes to keep improving them.  If you are really concerned, we can send you the jokes in advance to check them over.  They are just cookies. Everyone will be okay.


Our Purpose

We are just trying to live our lives making things and being creative.  Thanks for your support.